Zimbabwe Imploding, South Africa Moving in

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This dkos post pulls together lots of disparate news sources and blogs to report on what's happening in Zimbabwe and it's not pretty.

Zimbabwe is in a condition of complete collapse. Cholera is spreading because the government is out of money to pay for water purification. Over 500 people have died. Troops went on a rampage in Harare yesterday when they couldn't get funds out of banks. People are starving.

Today, South Africa's president is announcing a plan for South Africa to go into Zimbabwe to deal with the crisis.

President Kgalema Motlanthe's cabinet will today unveil a plan for rescuing the country, which is buckling under the weight of a shattered economy, food shortages, a cholera outbreak and rioting soldiers.

South African government sources are saying that President Mugabe, who retained his office by force, has lost control.

A South African government official said: That is why we are moving in. To help some government institutions to provide basic services. Mugabe has lost control. He has lost power. It's just a matter of time before the country implodes. He cannot support his own people and that is a danger for the region.

Cholera has spread from Zimbabwe to South Africa. South Africa can no longer ignore the chaos is Zimbabwe because it threatens the whole region.

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