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TNR: Why the Geithner Pick Is Even Better Than You Think

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Noam Scheiber has an interesting post at TNR's The Stump on why Tim Geithner is a great choice as Treasury Secretary.

Geithner is one of the most able technocrats to have risen through Treasury's ranks, which makes him the perfect pick to run its sprawling bureaucracy; Summers is one of the top two or three economic minds of his generation, which makes him a guy you want in the room with the president.

But, beyond the pairing of person and job, it's the way these guys complement one another that's really key here. Geithner is the rare bureaucrat with the smarts and the self-confidence to effectively challenge Summers when he's off base. [...]

The two men also developed an incredibly effective good cop/bad cop routine, which I'm guessing they might reprise:

Summers was the bad cop--the outspoken sheriff with strong views about how to structure the international financial system. Geithner was his antidote--a master of process and protocol and Treasury's ambassador to global forums like the G-7.

Scheiber goes onto speculate on how the team of Geithner as Treasury Secretary and Summers as chief economic adviser will divide the labor. It's interesting, and if it comes to pass, promising.