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Hillary Clinton and PUMAs

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Just ran across this and I wish that the PUMAs would watch and really hear what Hillary Clinton had to say in her press conference yesterday.

Here are some loosely transcribed snippets:

"I support Barack Obama.  We do NOT want a McCain administration. ... If you voted for me, you have much more in common with Barack Obama on every point that I campaigned on, everything I care about. ... We can't wait.  We have to do it right this time. ... Everything I want to do on health care, on the economy, on the climate depends on Senator Obama being in the White House."

I don't know how she could say it much more clearly.

I know that the stories of their numbers and their impact has been way overblown by the chattering classes. Yet I'm frustrated that these women have created the opportunity that allows them to do that. Here's hoping that Hillary can get through to them.

UPDATE: She repeated it here when she talked to the Hispanic Caucus. It looks like they got it.